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Baked hokkaido salad

BIO Index*:
Regional Index*:

Ingredients (10 portions)

Name Quantity Organic Region Season
Mixed lettuce or arugula 200.0 g   Denmark   5 - 11
Nachos 125.0 g   Denmark  
Grana Padano cheese 125.0 g   Not Regional  
Pickled sliced jalapeños 20.0 pc   Denmark  
Hokkaido squash 1.5 kg   Denmark   8 - 11
Crushed cumin 6.0 g   Denmark  
Crushed coriander 6.0 g   Denmark  
Salt 12.5 g   Denmark  
Pepper 3.75 g   Not Regional  
Oliveoil 125.0 ml   Not Regional  
White balsamic vinegar 38.0 g   Not Regional  
Red onion 170.0 g   Denmark   1 - 12
*Ingredients with zero quantity or anorganic ingredients are not counted in the index


Carefully wash the peel of the hokkaido. Remove the seeds and cut it in wedges of 1,5 cm. Mix the spices, oil and vinegar and turn the hokkaido wedges in the marinade.

Bake them at 180 degrees for 10-15 minuts. They have to be tender but firm.

Rinse the lettuce/arugula and arrange it on a big salad dish. When the hokkaido has cooled of for a while arrange it on top of the salad. Use the leftover marinade from the hokkaido as a dressing for the lettuce. Spread finely sliced onion, nachos, cheeseflakes and finish with the pickled jalapeños.