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RecipeApp is a database of recipes from the partner countries of the project "Organic cooks in public settings", which are intended particularly for public catering. It's function is to support chefs in public kitchens especially in their daily work with flexible adaptation of the menu design, propose recipes and methodologies how to prepare tasty, good-looking meals in new innovative combinations and provide simple suggestions for menu marketing.

Recipe name Posted by Note
Apple Chicken Bake Slovakia gluten free
Apple-carrot salad Thüringer Ökoherz e.V. salat side dish
Apple-carrot salad with beetroot Thüringer Ökoherz e.V. salat side dish
Asparagus lasagne with saffron-wine sauce Czech Republic Source: Síť Pasching Domov pro seniory, s.r.o. Spolková země Horní Rakousko
Baciocca ( Potato cake) Aiab Liguria
Bagnun (anchovies soup ) Aiab Liguria
Baked Cauliflower CEA
Baked Fish Fillet with Broccoli Czech Republic Source: SOU Lišov, tř. 5. května 3, Lišov
Baked hokkaido salad Denmark The salad goes well with chili con carne. Source: Vestjylland Højskoles Køkken, "Flere Favoritter", page 18
baked pork meat with onion-mustard marinade Germany