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Many people entrust themselves to catering and food services every day. Public catering plays an important role in modern public food service provision and thus contributes to every-day well-being of a very large number of citizens. The central concern of public catering has traditionally been nutritional; recently, new emphasis has been placed on environmental, local economy and sensory aspects of the public meal.

The lack of knowledge about the origin and the growing of food as well as unfavourable eating habits were frequent topics of the public discussion in the past few years. Consequently, a desire for regional, seasonal, organic food in private, but also in the public sector is growing. Through this demand the public catering facilities help to develop the organic sector at the local, regional and national levels.


About Project

The European project „Organic Cooks in Public Settings“ funded by EU Programme ERASMUS+ (September 2014 –  August 2017) strives to face these backgrounds with aim to contribute to sustainable and healthy nutrition in public catering facilities through the development of new and innovative ways of teaching and learning about organic cooking in public settings.


The project intends to reach these objectives through:

  • Development of the curriculum for complementary qualification of organic cooks in public settings based on ECVET-standards in order to enable exchange of experiences, practices, and supporting mobility in European context.
  • Development of an interactive IT-tool “Recipe App” for sustainable cooking with organic and regional products in public kitchens providing knowledge and proposing actions to organic seasonal and regional cooking.
  • Development of the Handbook with most important basic information to topics regarding the organic cooking in public settings. The handbook will provide assistance for public kitchens on the way of conversion to more sustainable cooking.
  • Realisation of pilot course on organic cooking in public settings for testing of project results
  • Awareness raising about healthy and sustainable nutrition and importance of integration of organic food into daily meals in public catering facilities through multiplier events and different dissemination channels.


The project partner consortium consists of six partner organizations from five European countries cooperating together in order to promote the integration of sustainable and healthy diet within public catering and hospitality services.