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Vestjyllands Højskole

 Hoyskole_logoVestjyllands Folk High School is a self-owned non-profit institution, with the mandate to run a school to promote culture and enlightenment to the public. 1300 students per year (age 18 to 50+ years) visit the school and attend courses or create their own schedule with different subjects. The main subjects are cooking, ecology, sustainable lifestyle, gardening, art, theatre, author writing etc.


Vestjyllands Folk High School is the “Green Folk High School” of Denmark. The school runs a “green kitchen“ with 90% content of organic food, partly produced in own organic garden called “The Garden of Wonder”. The school kitchen serves delicious organic and local/regional food every day. Furthermore, the school is supplied with renewable energy sources – a wind turbine supplies the school with C02 neutral energy together with solar- and geothermal system. This contributes to promoting of sustainable lifestyle of the school.


The Garden of Wonder is an inseparable part of the school is. The garden is grown according to the principles of permaculture and serves as an outdoor teaching and learning location. It brings new inspiration, methods, ideas and projects in organic gardening, cooking and sustainable lifestyle for both - the students and employees of the school and for the public on a regional and national level.


Vestjyllands Folk High School provides courses for institutions and public kitchens in order to teach them about how to run organic kitchens and how to cook tasty, healthy, sustainable, colourful and nutritious food. Course participants also get knowledge about how to use common as well as uncommon ingredients e.g. edible flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits and berries from the „Garden of Wonder” in the dishes.


On a local level the school cooperates with local societies, builds up contacts and networks based on peoples` participation and engagement in courses, meetings and fairs at Vestjyllands Folk High.



Skraldhedevej 8

6950 Ringkøbing



Tel: +4596753777



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