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Thüringer Ökoherz e.V.


Thüringer Ökoherz (TÖH) is a development association which promotes ecological agriculture, landscape conservation and natural lifestyle in Thuringia, Germany.

TÖH stands for the conservation of nature as a livelihood for human beings, animals and plants. Furthermore, TÖH strives to apply the ideas of environmental protection in everyday life. The association was founded in April 1991 and  now can look back on 25 eventful years of varied activity.

Since the foundation of the association, TÖH has been involved in different regional, national and European projects and activities regarding farmer-, consumer- and environmental education, healthy nutrition, ecological processing of food as well as sectoral policy support.

The objectives of the Thüringer Ökoherz are raising the awareness of our environment, demonstrating alternatives regarding sustainable ways of living and promoting of ecological agriculture.

We aim to implement these objectives by:

  • supporting measures regarding the preservation of culture landscapes and biodiversity
  • providing education and training for farmers and administrative employees in the professional fields of ecological agriculture
  • designing and developing environmental and nutritional education projects for children, young people and adults
  • political representation of interests
  • carrying out intensive public relations work to promote ecological agriculture, ecologically-produced food and the nature-friendly lifestyle involved
  • organising and implementation of marketing activities, such as Farm- and village festivals, exhibitions, fairs, conferences, symposiums
  • creation of employment opportunities for the socially disadvantaged and the disabled



Thüringer Ökoherz e. V.

Schlachthofstraße 8-10
99423 Weimar

        Tel.: +49 36 43 / 49 63 28

        Fax: +49 36 43 / 49 64 07


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