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Centrum environmentálnych aktivít

 CEA_logoCentre of Environmental Activities (CEA) is a non-profit civic association founded in 1994. CEA implements various educational programs with the aim to increase environmental awareness and promote active citizenship. Through environmental education at schools and promoting local sustainability, CEA inspires and empowers public for sustainable future.


CEA is one of the leaders in the field of environmental education in Slovakia. In 2004, CEA established program of Eco-Schools in Slovakia. Since 2009, CEA has been coordinating the program Young Reporters for the Environment ( In 2015, CEA started to certify natural gardens ( ) and green stores in Slovakia.


Since 2000, CEA has been intensively involved in activities helping to develop organic farming in Slovakia; e.g. a website for organic consumers or mobile photo-exhibition BIO-NEBIO. CEA was also the main organizer of the first Days of Organic Farming in Slovakia (2005). Since then, CEA has organized 10 years of a consumer vote for Slovak Organic Food of the Year . Since 2009, CEA has been organizing Organic Fair in City of Trencin with the idea to promote direct links between farmers and consumers. 


In the project “Organic Food to Schools” (, CEA combines environmental education with support of organic farming in Slovakia. The goal is to implement organic food to school canteens as well as into the school curriculum. CEA started the project with a survey among schools and parents on demand for organic food on the menu, and established a databases of schools, organic farms and suppliers. CEA also organized a field trip and cooking workshops for school managers, cooks, and teachers. To promote the idea on a larger scale, CEA published a magazine for eco-pedagogues with articles on organic, healthy, and sustainable cooking , and a leaflet with good practice examples from Slovakia and UK.


The experience from implementation of organic food to five pilot schools in the project was summarized in the manual “10 Steps How to Implement Organic Food to School Canteens” .



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