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AIAB Liguria


AIAB Liguria was officially established in 1998, in Genova.

The association is the regional chapter of AIAB Federale, the main Association representing organic farming in Italy, established in 1988, and based in Rome. AIAB Liguria promotes organic farming at all levels from education and advisory services to advocacy and campaigns for organic farming promotion for the civil society.

AIAB Liguria has 155 active members, mainly farmers and cooperatives, but includes also citizens, institutional bodies (as regional and national parks) and experts within the sector. AIAB Liguria has been active since the 2000 in formal and informal training for farmers, supporting their collaboration with regional agencies and research institutions. AIAB Liguria has long experience in dealing with projects of education, information, demonstration and promotion of organic farming within the Regional Rural Development Programme.

The association is direct member of IFOAM EU Group.

Organic farming is promoted by the association through its own web-site and its social networks, the bi-monthly magazine (Bioagricultura), and the weekly newsletter (B@N).

AIAB Liguria organises every year two national campaigns: Biodomenica (the Organic Sunday) since 16 years held in Genova, with the purpose of bringing organic farming in the heart of the cities by the farmers themselves, and the Primavera Bio (Organic Spring) with the aim of promoting organic farming opening the gates of the member’s farms to the wider public.


AIAB Liguria is operating in the field of green public procurement and catering in general at private and public level, since 6 years. The objective is to foster organic food consumption at local level, mainly through the short supply chains: From Farm to Fork.

AIAB Liguria implemented at local level several actions aimed to promote organic food through the short supply chain and through the public procurement. AIAB produced a manual for decision makers on how to handle organic in school canteens from the terms of reference preparation, to quality aspects of organic food.


Associazione Italiana per l’Agricoltura Biologica

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